Passport Technology

Why work with Tekbees? Passport Technology shared its experience

In close collaboration with the customer Passport Technology we have worked to deliver optimal solutions to their end customers. This company offers automated cash solutions for casinos in Las Vegas.

We spoke with Passport Technology COO, John Steely, about projects where Tekbees has impacted the way they serve their users.

Passport Technology had some important challenges to implement efficient solutions in their company. Steely commented that, “Some of the challenges we had from an outsourcing perspective were the business hours issue. One of the advantages we had of working with Tekbees and not with other providers in Asia was the time zone difference.”

The COO explained that with many providers the response priority was not high since the messages arrived, but there was no one to respond. In the same way, he highlighted that when working with Tekbees, support emails are answered quickly.

Why did Passport Technology choose Tekbees to create automated solutions?

The COO noted that he had run into issues with other vendors as “they didn’t have a real drive to complete a product. What they did is that they tried to start it and lengthened it to keep the contract as long as possible. Tekbees is the first company we hired that always delivered projects on time and within budget.”

Steely explained that they hired Tekbees because of their strong EMV knowledge and “because they have the experience and have led the EMV migration in the US. Second, we develop some products that we use in our Live Cage environment in casinos. Mainly on the communication and transaction side and has a lot of experience in transaction process.”

“Live Cage is a snappy, easy-to-use feature, and our customers love it. The solution allows our clients to hire a human teller. The person does not necessarily have to sit down to count money, nor have higher mathematical skills, but have other service skills. Among them, customer service, that is friendly, that knows how to communicate.

John Steely, COO Passport Technology

How has the ability to save reports helped your customers make better business decisions?

Steely explained that through Live Cage, the movements of the credit cards are known exactly. Therefore, it is possible to categorize and report all types of transactions. In fact, you can know where the cash is during incidents. Previously, Passport Technology had to review security tapes of up to eight hours to confirm. The implemented solution allowed to solve this problem in 30 minutes.

All this was achieved through the support that was given to the client. The COO explained that “Tekbees is there for us seven days a week. And even when we had production problems during a weekend, they were always there to help us.

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