Transactional monitoring

Get a real-time analysis of payment movements

At Tekbees we understood the importance of continuous transaction tracking and logging of each payment from end to end. With this service, customers will be able to manage the growing complexities of the channel, third-party services and faster digital payment data.

By performing transactional monitoring in all its phases, we have the possibility to give our clients a comprehensive and consolidated view of network problems, switches, third-party applications and devices that affect the completion of customer transactions.

Why is monitoring transactions important?

Comply with payment monitoring compliance standards.

Reduces failures in payment transactions.

Data optimized in real time.

Troubleshooting efficiently and efficiently.

Consolidated and automated tools.

Still don’t know how transactional monitoring would help your company?

Our solutions are in

the international market

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we have implemented tailor-made solutions in different parts of the world. For transactional monitoring service we have developed different projects for better analysis of payment movements

Transactional bridge to measure

We created an application in Uruguay that performs a translation of the language issued by the cashier and modifies it to the language received by the bank. In this translation process all transactions are stored in a report.

What technologies do we apply

to deliver quality services?

We use technologies like Java or  .net to implement transactional monitoring. Our team is highly trained to solve the problems and needs that customers require.

How transactional monitoring
improves service for users

Faster applications.

Transactional process analysis will help eliminate errors and unexpected crashes.


Work teams will find faster solutions to any need presented. Data is always optimized. For any transactional process, user information will be protected.

We help you to make your company’s

transactional process more effective

and more accessible.

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