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Tekbees created a solution for transactions in the gaming industry

Learn about our success story, we created a solution for the casino gaming sector. We work to innovate in each of our developments.
Learn about our success story, we created a solution for the casino gaming sector. We work to innovate in each of our developments.

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For years, our company has been dedicated to creating innovative solutions for the gaming industry. A company dedicated to developing solutions for this sector required a development to facilitate transactions in casinos. 

Why was Tekbees able to meet this need?

At Tekbees, through the ‘Software for Banking and ATM’s’ service, we devised the most efficient way to create a customized solution. The team, experts in the use of these new technologies and transactional operations, understood the importance of facilitating the payment channels at each point of play. We took into account some ATM’s self-service channels such as: Diebold Nixdorf® NCR® Hyosung® Glory® Kiosks, Pos.

What was the solution delivered to the client?

We performed a process of integration and automatic cash dispensing at payment points to casino customers and thus generate fast and accurate transactions. 

We jointly determined the scope and functionalities with the capacity to process transactions in the casinos. This, through ATMs, credit or debit cards, slot machine tickets and Bill Break, eliminating the use of bill validators.

The solution created eliminated the use of bills and allowed ATMs to perform transactions. These include ticket acceptance and redemption, front loading of cash and recycling of bills, cash advances, financial transactions connected to banks such as withdrawals and inquiries, and transfers. 

The solution allows ATMs to perform transactions such as:

  • Acceptance and redemption of multiple slot tickets in one transaction
  • Front loading of cash without accessing the vault.
  • Recycling of bills, which allows the consigned money to be available for new withdrawals.
  • Casino proprietary systems integration
  • Ability for customers to load funds into any gaming system with or without cash


  • Connection to any casino
  • Centralized monitoring and operation
  • Reduction in the use of cash in casinos
  • Online support

In Tekbees we create customized solutions and we specialize in innovating in each of the products created. 

Trust your business processes in Tekbees, we will be your best ally.


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