Music festivals revolutionized by technology


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Music festivals offer live music in an exciting environment, but cumbersome payment methods, slow lines and lack of experiences can cause attendees to be dissatisfied.

In this article, we’ll explain how festivals around the world have implemented innovative technologies, making the experience unforgettable year after year.

Quick and easy payments!

Cashless systems are becoming the best payment option at festivals. These solutions eliminate the need to carry credit cards or cash. Through software development, integrated applications are created with payment systems allowing attendees to purchase food, beverages and merchandise, saving time and enhancing the experience.

This was recently the case at the Estéreo Picnic 2023 Festival in Bogotá, Colombia.

These bracelets are created with NFC technology, which in principle allows real-time wireless data exchange. This solution has a particularity: it allows the control of attendee data, which allows the organizers to carry out relevant logistics for large conglomerations.

At Lollapalooza 2023, they successfully implemented this technology, allowing the bracelet to have an integrated QR code, which, when scanned at the entry points, facilitated access to the event in a more efficient way.

In addition, the recharge system was very user-friendly and was done through the pre-established web page.

Better experiences, new technology

Virtual reality has recently impacted the world by providing immersive experiences in any type of space. The company that is leading this development is Meta, who expect to release the Oculus Quest Pro soon, implementing technology such as artificial intelligence to enhance the experience.

In 2022, Coachella, one of the largest festivals in the world, announced its collaboration with the technology giant to launch “A virtual adventure” that offered an experience inside the event with geolocation system where attendees interacted in a particular way.

At Tekbees we are committed to providing quality solutions to our customers, to meet the continuous evolution of music festivals thanks to innovative technology.


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