6 technologies that will change the world in 2023


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Technology is a great enabler for human beings. The world has evolved and every day we find innovations that improve people’s quality of life. In 2023, the world is still moving and preparing to implement new technologies. Find out what they are and how they will contribute significantly to business objectives.

The good use of technologies in the history of the world has made countries have achieved great developments. That’s why, at the beginning of every new year, companies and technology providers are eager to surpass innovations. Improving and implementing technologies is very valuable in a changing and modern environment.

Metaverse is a reality

It is possible to create interaction spaces in the metaverse. This trend, which has been driven by Mark Zuckerberg, is becoming increasingly relevant. People can even have an ordinary life through virtual reality glasses.

Artificial intelligence in more aspects of everyday life

Currently, this technology is already present in applications such as Waze, Google, and Instagram, among others. But it is increasingly relevant in all industries, a recent case was the ChatGPT application. A platform that became a headache for schools and universities. Well, by just using a word in ChatGPT will perform the task needed, from an essay, to a report.

5G is finally established and 6G arrives

The combination of 5G and the Internet of Things has been very relevant to Industry 4.0. Although it is a breakthrough, most likely, once the network is deployed, customers are going to expect much more. Advances in technologies for the 6G network will begin in 2023.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

This technology, which already exists, allows business tasks to be automated. What is new for this year is that artificial intelligence will be integrated into this software to make it faster. But that’s not all, it seeks to be more efficient than people, to learn from the environment and a wide variety of applications.

Super apps

This trend consists of creating applications that have everything. Although this practice is not yet common, it can become an important movement for companies. In this way, customers are expected to have everything in one place. This set of technologies will help drive business growth.

Adaptive artificial intelligence

There are artificial intelligence processes that need to be updated when there are learning changes. With this new feature, feedback is provided in real-time and so models are continually retrained. This adaptive system is agile and changes with the times.

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