How can technology create sustainable business growth?


Improve the security of your company and users with UNICUS

As the world has changed, many companies are implementing technological solutions to optimize their resources. A recent World Bank report reaffirmed a low economic projection for 2023. It even warned of a rise in interest rates in 2023 and tension in the financial markets.

For this reason, at Tekbees we create customized technological solutions to boost business growth. Technology is an enabler to improve processes and optimize and automate resources. Find out what services your company can implement to achieve all objectives:

Digital identity validation solution

We create a secure, innovative, fast and efficient ecosystem. We apply the use of biometrics to validate that a person is who they say they are. It is a 100% remote service and is available at any time, hour or place. If you are concerned about risk, this is the revolution in identity verification, because it is three-dimensional.

Software development service for banking and ATM

We create solutions with integrations of various platforms. Our goal is to make the end user’s life easier, integrating technologies for automatic cash dispensing at payment points. These transactions can be integrated with credit cards, debit cards and much more.

Artificial intelligence solution

We use data and analyze it to create automated developments to improve business efficiency. We create machine learning, deep learning, data processing, natural language processing, predictive modeling and computer vision solutions.

Software development services

We create technology solutions such as web and mobile applications and customized business software. We seek to improve business efficiency and resource optimization. We are the ideal partner to create solutions that meet the needs of the target market.

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Improving business processes is possible. Contact us and we will advise you to implement the most suitable solution for your company’s needs. We work to meet your technological expectations.


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