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Tekbees successfully implemented a solution for ASAI (Automated Systems America) that significantly improved their business efficiency indicators, resulting in lower costs, better cash management, and faster process completion.

What did the solution entail?

Prior to the implementation, casino cashiers manually counted the value of customers’ chips or slips and then returned the cash equivalent to them.

ASAI, a leading provider of cash dispensing solutions to the North American gaming industry, wanted a more efficient system to minimize human error and improve the customer experience.

At Tekbees, we have over 9 years of experience developing innovative solutions. That’s why we created LiveCage, a custom tool that automates cash dispensing.

LiveCage collects the players’ chip or ticket value counts, pulls the total amount, and automatically dispenses the corresponding cash. It can also be integrated with cashiers.

Another desktop application has also been developed for administrative staff. Cashiers, on the other hand, receive notifications on their own computers about the entire process of each client.

Some of the transactions that can be performed are:

  • Efficient management of tokens and slot tickets.
  • Easy to obtain cash through credit and debit.
  • Safe and fast check cashing.
  • Cash drawer reconciliation automation.

Other benefits of the solution

The decrease in money counting improved the security of the process and reduced the possibility of human error.

It is important to highlight that it also allows integration with other specific platforms the client requires, connecting the different systems used in the gaming industry.

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It performs remote cash supervision, for greater control over dispensing, monitoring transactions in real-time, and detecting possible problems before they become incidents.

Tekbees is a clear example of how a technology company can help other companies achieve their goals and improve their business efficiency.

La solución desarrollada mejoró significativamente los indicadores del cliente, la eficiencia empresarial y reducción de costos, al mismo tiempo que mejoró la seguridad y eficiencia en el proceso de dispensación de efectivo.


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