Implementing artificial intelligence: a trend in large companies around the world

Companies worldwide have used artificial intelligence as the best ally to improve business processes and automate their processes.
Companies worldwide have used artificial intelligence as the best ally to improve business processes and automate their processes.

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Artificial intelligence is not just about cutting-edge technology. It’s also about smart, curious people in search of ‘breakthroughs’ that solve complex problems. This useful innovation is a living entity that drives change in every industry sector in the world. When it evolves, all the factors involved in society evolve. 

Artificial intelligence is present in different industries or fields. Those who have taken advantage of this technology understood that it is a tool that drives a human being to another level. 

Top 5 companies implementing artificial intelligence

  • Apple

In recent years this company accelerated the hiring of talent and the acquisition of startups related to artificial intelligence. In 2010 they acquired Siri for 200 million dollars, but these innovations or purchases were not presented again until 2014. 

This year they doubled their workforce in artificial intelligence. This conclusion was reached by the specialized publication Fast Company, which analyzed more than 600 Apple employees, and experts in machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and other disciplines related to artificial intelligence.

  • Amazon

This company chose to implement machine learning on AWS. More and more companies are choosing this type of solution. More machine learning resources are created on AWS than anywhere else.

Machine learning is used to provide better customer service and protect against fraud. With the broadest and deepest set of machine learning and artificial intelligence services, new insights are created, resulting in new efficiencies and more accurate predictions.

  • Alibaba

This is one of the world’s major players in e-commerce, with transactions worth 248 billion dollars. One of the big keys to its success has been the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence. 

One of the reasons why Alibaba obtains large profits is thanks to artificial intelligence, in the investment and commitment of the Chinese government to become the world’s leading player in this technology. The government’s plans are to create a billion-dollar AI industry by 2030 to surpass the United States.

  • Microsoft

The technology company offers a solution service based on the use of big data techniques. The company itself has launched a program dedicated to managing big data; SQL Server 2017.

NHS Glasgow and Clyde are testing a pioneering use of this technology to detect trends in patients suffering from chronic conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). With each unplanned trip to the hospital costing in the region of £6,000, the technology could play an important role in reducing the NHS budgets needed to manage people with long-term conditions.

  • Nvidia

Nvidia is one of the leading companies in computational technology and is a leader in computational visualization. It offers a graphics processing unit that uses big data and artificial intelligence to improve information management in companies. It analyzes, visualizes, and converts data into relevant information for the organization.

This application produces predictive results and offers the possibility of dynamically making correlations with a very large volume of data. The scales it can reach far exceed the limits imposed by classical data analysis.

At Tekbees, implementing artificial intelligence is a reality

We develop customized models and analysis techniques, generating solutions adapted to the client’s needs. We create artificial intelligence solutions that allow us to make better use of information, provide new services and improve operations.

Using technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision, we create innovative products that streamline processes, freeing vital resources, predicting behaviors, and reacting to customer needs.


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