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Identity validations, why implement these processes?

Digital identity validations to date contribute significantly to avoid impersonation or online fraud. There are multiple advantages of adapting processes with biometrics and thus improving the user experience.

The figures released in the pandemic indicate that digital theft and impersonation increased by approximately 206%. This is why identity validations through biometrics is a suitable option to deal with online fraud.

It is important to emphasize that in times of pandemic, many companies globally have had to adapt to technology and have made the most of all innovations for the benefit of their economy and growth. Those who haven’t yet can find quality services on budget with Tekbees.

Benefits of implementing identity validations in your company

If you still don’t know why you should implement identity validations in your processes, here we tell you.

  1. Site security. Any user who enters will be able to verify that reliable processes are being handled and this will give the confidence to leave the required data.
  2. Avoid online fraud. Biometric validation systems use algorithms that make this one of the safest processes
  3. Minimize costs for losses. Any fraud attempt would directly affect the economy of the company and with the validations, these monetary mishaps will be avoided.
  4. Improve the user experience. The user will be pleased to find an agile and easy-to-use platform.
  5. Adaptation to any system. Unicus allows any platform to adapt its processes quickly and easily.
Do you know that digital identity validations help to keep final users safe? Find out in our podcast.

How is the data recorded for identity validations?

To record the data through validations, the physical characteristics of a person are used.

Among the most outstanding is the capture of a fingerprint, face, iris, or voice. This information is compared with the identity document and later the data is stored in encrypted forms and can thus be verified.

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