Clutch Recognizes Tekbees Inc Amongst Colombia’s top Developers for 2020

Clutch Recognizes Tekbees Inc

Clutch Recognizes Tekbees Inc Amongst Colombia’s top Developers for 2020

Our team at Tekbees Inc has some exciting news to announce! Our CEO just got off the phone with analyst Austin Ellis from Clutch, who let us know that Clutch just awarded us as one of the top developers for 2020! Investing in your business is more important now than ever, which is why we’re honored to be listed as one of Colombia’s best developers for 2020 by Clutch!


Clutch is the world’s leading B2B ratings and reviews platform! Located in the heart of the historic DuPont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC, Clutch has a dedicated team who independently verifies each and every review that they conduct with verified clients from around the world. Clutch is the gold standard for ratings and reviews for B2B service providers, which is why we’re incredibly honored that Clutch’s 2020 research shows us as one of the best developers in all of Colombia!

We love to show off our stellar rating and status as a top company on Clutch! We have received amazing reviews from our satisfied clients, a testament to our consistent quality work.

Clutch Recognizes Tekbees Inc


In a recent review, Atta Mateen, the Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer for Next Gen Technology praised the application development work that we did, building an ATM solution that does ticket redemption and bill breaking for casinos for their payment processing company!


We’re incredibly blessed to be listed amongst Colombia’s top developers for 2020 by Clutch! Please contact us today to see how you can join our many satisfied customers today.

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IDENTITY AUTHENTICATION – True mobile biometrics

Desarrollo de software, Software banca presencial y virtual, Autenticación de identidad, Monitoreo de operaciones, Inteligencia artificial, Aseguramiento de calidad De software

Fight fraud, remotely enroll your customers in minutes.

The daily operations of any client include multiple processes that it performs, increasingly, through the Internet. The vast majority of them usually require a final validation on their part, that is, they need to be authenticated to run.

Identity authentication through taking a selfie video

Autenticación de identidad

It identifies, verifies and authenticates remotely its clients, through the integration of different technologies such as biometrics, artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning. We help companies raise their security levels and reduce fraud for identity theft.

life validation

Facial recognition

Enroll your customers quickly, intuitively and remotely with certified AI Level 1 and 2 iBeta, increase security in accessing products and services to customers.

Identity Authentication with Voice and Validation systems

Autenticación De Identidad con Voz y los sistemas de Validación

Sometimes we feel that we have gone as far as we can with technological advancement, and if we look back, what we have accomplished is fantastic. And from time to time a new advance is made and we are surprised by the new doors that have been opened to us. One of these technological advances is voice recognition software.

What exactly is speech recognition software?

It means that the devices recognize the voice. Voice recognition systems allow dictation to the device. It tells you what to write and writes it down as you watch it appear on the screen. It is so advanced that it can predict what you want to say, it can correct bad speech errors or grammatical errors. In the past, it was difficult to develop a speech recognition algorithm, but now, when scientists know all human voice tones, it became real.

Speech recognition was developed as a faster method of writing papers and was originally designed with people with various disabilities in mind. Many people with physical difficulties may find typing tedious, painful, or even impossible, and this gives them an opportunity to do so even in a manner of speaking. It is also useful for dyslexia sufferers as it will correct any mistakes.

Beginnings of voice validation and how to get to identity authentication

Speech recognition software works by taking the sounds you hear and analyze to provide what you think is the most likely result, and then converting it into readable text. He has an extensive knowledge of the English language and can take into account regional accents, slang terms, and the various nuances of language that people who speak the language can take for granted.

It is so effective that it will recognize approximately 95% of what is said as long as the user speaks clearly. It is not infallible, but it is improving all the time.

Along with the software, all the user needs to take advantage of voice recognition is a microphone on the device to be applied.

Due to the differences in people’s voices, part of the configuration process involves the user doing some preliminary tests so that a correct recognition is generated.


Many companies in the market are betting on this type of recognition, which has already launched several voice recognition solutions based on various solutions, including those that are now integrated into smartphones and specialized devices.
There are also versions available for pc and tablet users, among the newest financial systems.

Tekbees has produced a program called Unicus and is currently working on voice recognition software. This is compatible with various platforms and devices frequently used in the market, innovating with biometric recognition software.

Tips for voice validation

One problem that many people encounter when using voice recognition software is speaking naturally. Many people can stutter, mumble, or any of the other problems they can cause. Just like reading a speech, it will improve with practice. The best way is to read what you want written as clearly and fluently as possible. It is better to plan first what you are going to say and speak only in complete sentences rather than one word at a time. Don’t worry about mistakes, they can be corrected.

Possible problems with voice recognition.

Background noise shouldn’t be a problem as long as your microphone is of sufficient quality to pick up your clear voice, but in a noisy environment like a busy office it could be difficult. It is best to always use the quietest environment possible when using a speech recognition program.

You may find that your voice becomes strained after prolonged periods of use, especially since you may not be speaking in a completely natural way. It’s important to take regular breaks and make sure your throat stays lubricated with drinks like warm water with lemon juice, a trick that singers use to prevent damage to their vocal cords.

If you have a cold or allergies, this can change the way your voice sounds and could make it difficult for the show to capture your speech as accurately as it normally would.

Currently, speech recognition can only be used to capture the voice of one user at a time. This means that it cannot be used in meetings to take minutes.

You might find that programs that use speech recognition sometimes run slowly. They take up a lot of space on your hard drive, so you need to make sure there’s enough before you start using one.

When it comes to future advancements with the use of voice recognition software, the sky is the limit. It will undoubtedly become a very common letter dictation tool in the business and such, and once it is further developed and can deal with two or more different users simultaneously, then the barrier can really be broken.

The voice is the very emblem of the speaker indelibly in the plot of the speech. Each of our expressions of language not only carry mere information, but through the accent, tone and quality of the voice we form a sound statement of our social belonging or our physical and psychological identity, as well as our own state of cheer up. Electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions.

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Nearshore remote and efficient software development

Nearshore desarrollo de software remoto y eficiente

Outsourcing has contributed to a further leveling of global inequalities, as it has led to general trends in industrialization in the Global South and deindustrialization in the Global North.

The dizzying rise of certain countries as a nearshore magnet is evident, especially the one aimed at outsourcing services. Some of the reasons for this are its macroeconomic stability, competitive costs, infrastructure, and a strategic geographic position.

Nearshore and its advantages


Nearshore desarrollo de software remoto y eficiente

  • Operations cost
  • Talent source
  • Delivery term
  • Schedule
  • Flexibility in regulations
  • Innovation

The increase in industrial efficiency that characterized development in developed countries occurred as a result of labor-saving technological improvements.

Basically, the term nearshore refers to the outsourcing of software developers from abroad. Knowing that there are markets with qualified and accessible talent, many venture investors, small business owners, and startups decide to go down this path and outsource their developers from abroad.

In most cases, this means working with companies located in your home country. The advantages of software development on the ground are obvious: you can work with trained teams in your own country and speak your language.

However, there is a major concern with this option: cost.

While offshore and nearshore development costs less, onshore software developers are expensive and therefore cannot compete with the prices of nearshore and offshore development companies.

Nearshore an increase in remote development team

Thanks to increasingly advanced technology for developers working remotely or a great need to develop high-quality software instead of hiring teams for internal development, the new trend is increasing in recent years.

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Facial Recognition a breakthrough for Access and Security

Reconocimiento Facial

Facial recognition technology should not be perceived as intrusive or disproportionate. There are many functionalities in terms of security, such as its use to unlock a mobile phone as access control in high-security places, which do not generate any type of ethical debate.

The facial recognition market is a global trend with a movement of US $ 9,000 million in four years, representing an average growth of 16% per year in the world.

In Europe and America it is increasingly common to find this solution guided mainly to experiences other than transactions such as access controls or airports and now in Colombia, one of the Latin American countries that implements this mode of payment in facial processing.

In Europe and America it is increasingly common to find this solution guided mainly to experiences other than transactions such as access controls or airports and now in Colombia, one of the Latin American countries that implements this mode of payment in facial processing.

As for the private sector, some large corporations such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, among many others, also use this technology for purposes ranging from security to improving the user experience of a service in its different variants, allowing As an example, making payments through a smartphone using such technology, automatic tagging of photos on a social network, improving the agility of some procedures, etc.

Facial recognition is a technique that enables the extraction of biometric data that allows individuals to be uniquely identified, they respond to physical or mental behavior of the person.

There are different biometric data in our bodies such as fingerprint, iris, voice, hand geometry, or even the way of walking or typing, among others. These data can be obtained through the use of a technology called “biometric technology” or “biometry”, which by means of sensors is capable of extracting and analyzing parameters.

Biometric technology is ultimately a method that enables the recognition of people through their physical, physiological or behavioral characteristics from the extraction and analysis of the resulting biometric data, which allows identifying or confirming the unique identity of a person. With this, insofar as the result of the data obtained by means of biometric technology allows the unambiguous identification of a subject, it is possible to confirm that a treatment of personal data is carried out.

Artificial Intelligence has already become a very important geostrategic element, hence the pressing need for the EU to have an autonomous and strong position in this field. Another thing will be to fall into a future “remote controlled” by foreign powers, whose interests often do not coincide with ours.

How does facial recognition work?

Face recognition is used in the aforementioned dynamic social media filters. But one of the uses with the greatest potential for this technology is related to security.

Where a face is seen, the machine sees numbers that indicate colors and shapes, the algorithm simplifies those numbers and allows the device to identify the light and shadow areas of a human nose. The bridge is lighter, the sides darker. Or to identify the eyes, or the subtle differences in shadows and highlights of lips or cheekbones. Of course, this implies that the image is divided into thousands of areas, which requires good image quality.

Enabling an artificial intelligence tool requires a fundamental component: digital data, which is the fuel that powers and makes any Machine Learning or Deep Learning tool more powerful.

Capture: In a first stage the image is captured. A standard photo, come on. For example, a photo with good lighting.

Extraction: What happens next takes milliseconds. In that time, the smartphone’s processor transforms that photo into information that can be analyzed by the algorithm and establishes whether what is in front of it is a face or a different object.

Comparison: Immediately, the speed given by the smartphone processor compares that face with its database and immediately estimates whether it is a person or a third party

Match: If the processor recognizes the face, it is that of someone authorized, it proceeds to unlock the smartphone.

There is no doubt about the unstoppable nature of this technology and the wide range of uses it provides. In fact, technological advances are good and positive in a society and, as a general rule, it is not appropriate to think that there are limits to technology.

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Authentication and identification the new definition of identity

Autenticación e identificación la nueva definición de identidad

Biometrics is the most pertinent means of identifying and authenticating people reliably and quickly through the use of unique biological characteristics.

Biometric authentication is the process of comparing data for the person’s characteristics with that person’s biometric “template” to determine similarity.

Identity authentication

The reference model is first stored in a database or in a secure portable item such as a smartphone.

The stored data is compared with the biometric data of the person being authenticated. Here the identity of the person is verified.

In this mode, the question is: »Are you really the one who authenticates yourself?

Biometric identification consists of determining the identity of a person.

The goal is to capture a biometric data item from this person. It can be a photo of your face, a record of your voice, or an image of your fingerprint. These data are compared with the biometric data of several other people kept in a database.

In this mode, the question is simple: »Who authenticates?

Trends in identity authentication

In the face of document fraud and identity theft, new threats like terrorism or cybercrime, and changes in international regulations, new technology solutions are gradually being implemented.

One of these technologies, biometrics, has quickly established itself as the most pertinent means of reliably and quickly identifying and authenticating people, using unique biological characteristics.

Several factors make for greater public acceptance, effective and successful precision tests, expand the offer and improve the drop in prices of sensors, IP cameras and software make it easier to install biometric systems. Today, many applications make use of this important technology when keeping distances.

Identity authentication definition and examples

Biometrics is the science of analyzing the specific physical or behavioral characteristics of each individual in order to authenticate their identity. There are two categories of biometrics:Physiological measurements

They can be morphological or biological. These mainly consist of fingerprints, the shape of the hand, the finger, the pattern of the vein, the eye (iris and retina) and the shape of the face, for morphological analysis.

For biological analyzes, medical teams and police forensics can use DNA, blood, saliva, or urine.

Identity authentication requirements

Biometrics is growing rapidly, particularly in the field of identity documents. In general, it combines other security technologies, such as facial recognition.

There are three possible ways to prove identity:

[ultimate_icon_list icon_size=”25″ icon_margin=”5″][ultimate_icon_list_item icon=”Defaults-user-plus”]Using something you own. This is a relatively easy thing to do, whether using the vehicle key, a document, a card, or a badge.[/ultimate_icon_list_item][ultimate_icon_list_item icon=”Defaults-user-plus”]Using something you know, a name, a secret or a password.[/ultimate_icon_list_item][ultimate_icon_list_item icon=”Defaults-user-plus”]Through what you are, your fingerprint, your hand, your face.[/ultimate_icon_list_item][/ultimate_icon_list]

The use of biometrics has many benefits.

The main one is the level of security and precision it guarantees. Unlike passwords, credentials, or documents, biometric data cannot be forgotten, exchanged, stolen, or falsified.