Delivering innovating automated cash solutions to Casinos in the US

Delivering innovating automated cash solutions to Casinos in the US

We have worked closely with one of our customers Automated Systems America Inc., ASAI, in the United States offering automated cash solutions to casinos in Las Vegas.


We had the opportunity to talk to John Steely, CEO, ASAI, about this solutions and how our close relation has leverage the way they provide solutions to their customers.

Tekbees (TKB): What challenges were you facing, before you started working with us and what motivated you to solve them?

John Steely (JS): Some of the challenges we faced from an outsourcing perspective was working in time zones. One of the advantages we had working with Tekbees versus offshore in Asia, would be the time zone difference.

I’ll give you an example: you have a small problem all you need is to get on the phone or send an email. But with the time difference, that email may hit but there is no one to answer. While dealing with Tekbees while emails can get across really quick to move on. So what can be done in literally 5 minutes could take up to 5 days.

TKB: Why did you choose Tekbees?

JS: One of the other issues we had with a lot of other firms, is that they didn’t have a real motivation to complete a product. What they were trying to do to you, is that they would try to get the product started for you and keep the work going as long as possible. Tekbees is the first company that we hired that would invoice us for a product and were clear about the price and delivery dates. Tekbees always delivered the product on time and on budget.

The second thing that they would do to us is the run a scrum mentality. Which is similar to what we run, we understood that, we could see the progress of what was happening.

TKB: How do you use solutions and how do you find that process?

JS: First, we are using Tekbees knowledge on EMV, because Tekbees has done a lot of work and as we are migrating to EMV in the United States, we needed Tekbees expertise.

The second thing Tekbees has done for us, is developed some products that we use in our Live Cage environment at casinos. Mainly in the communication and transaction side. Tekbees has a lot of experience in transaction processing.

TKB: How has ASAI benefited from using our products and services?

JS: Having products delivered on time. Having source code uploaded to us. Another thing we like is that we use bit bucket, some of the same products we use for uploading the code, so the code is always available to us. And we can move back or forward, based in that. You use the same tools we like, a lot of which the industry are using.

TKB: How many of your customers have our deployment?

JS: So what Tekbees does for us is they integrate their systems with our systems, because we do a lot of our own development ourselves. So Tekbees is a piece of all the products we have. Every product we have, has someway Tekbees’ touch.

There is an exception. We have an ECD, a cash dispensing that sits in the cages that is purely Tekbees product. We have around 75 units out there. And it is one of our fastest growing parts of our company.

TKB: How has our product improved your customer’s day-to- day life?

JS: Well especially if we look at Live Cage, that is a function that is very quick, very user friendly, and our customers love it. Because it gets rid of variances, it enables or clients to hire different type of cashier, not one that has to be counting money, but one that is more friendly, that can talk to the people, but they don’t have to have high mathematical skills.

TKB: How has Tekbees helped ASAI in terms of growth?

JS: Definitely has helped us maintain our customers, with getting us with EMV, and processing EMV. But we had quite a bit of growth on the cage dispensing live cage unit. One of the things we like about Live Cage, is that until recently, none of our competitors had, in fact it is one of the products that our competitor are copying us. And what it enables us to do is to get one of our products in one of the locations, we normally wouldn’t get, then we can come back and cross sell, other services.

TKB: How, the capability of saving reports, has helped your customer make better decisions for their business?

JS: One of the nice functionalities of Live Cage. Now in this environment, we know how many chip transactions, credit card cash advances, cash check transactions they do. So all the type of transactions are categorized and reported them. Another nice thing about it is that is they have variance they can know where the cash is. Before they had to get the security tapes to confirm. In the past if they had a shortage, they had to watch 8 hours’ worth of video to see what the problem is. You might get lucky and see it in the first hour, or might see it in the 8 th hour. But now if the know they have a problem in the chip transaction, what they are able to do is to find it in 30 minutes.

TKB: How would you describe Tekbees customer support?

JS: Great, basically Tekbees is there for us 7 days a week. And even when we had production issues during a weekend, they were always there for us.

TKB: What have you learned from working with us?

JS: I have learnt how important time zone is. Finally find a development company that delivers products that are interesting and actually fulfilling. What I mean by that is that they are not looking for ongoing development. So there seems to be a real pride to build a product you paid for and nobody else does that.

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