Digital identity: What will be the impact for companies?


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The world faces new and varied challenges year after year. In recent times, digital identity has been one of the most important objectives for companies, as this has given rise to major problems. Among them are fraud and identity theft, two situations that cause economic losses. This has forced the industry to improve all solutions around digital verification.

Fintech companies have found in this market a problem that can be solved through the good use of technology.

Diversification and expansion into other markets

Companies have understood that diversifying services is one of the most effective ways to reach more customers. Although that is a fact, they have also discovered that having clear digital identity processes makes it more viable to generate cross-selling with new services. In conclusion, reaching new target markets is possible, but making proper use of technology will drive business growth.

Pain points and use cases

In recent history, business owners have struggled with the hurdles brought on by the rise of digital transactions. 9 out of 10 merchants have experienced at least one fraud management challenge. As such, different use cases can be applied to digital identity:

  • Onboarding and acquisition
  • Fraud and risk
  • Automation and productivity

Organizational changes

We always talk about ‘INNOVATE’, but how real and down-to-earth is it for small and medium-sized companies? in order for them to scale to the level required by the market, it is necessary that innovation is standardized and prioritized internally in an organization. This practice includes improving and automating all internal and external processes.

At Tekbees we understand this need, and we create customized technological solutions with a transactional approach. Through Unicus, we implement developments to validate the digital identity of users and confirm that someone is who they say they are. Contact us, we will guide you through this innovative process!


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