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Digital authentication with fingerprint, secured transactions


Improve the security of your company and users with UNICUS

Authenticating customers has become a latent need for companies worldwide. Through this process, a user can access services, with the security of being who he/she claims to be. For this reason, Tekbees integrated and customized Porvenir’s user identification and authentication platform.

Porvenir S.A. is the number one pension and unemployment fund administrator in Colombia. It has the largest number of affiliates and resources managed in mandatory pension and severance funds. This means that the number of monthly transactions is very high. Protecting the money of its affiliates was a latent need.

At Tekbees we have the Unicus service, a technological solution that validates the digital identity of users in transactional environments. This is achieved through the use of different types of biometrics such as facial, fingerprint, iris, and voice. In this case, the client needed to authenticate users in its more than 500 offices through fingerprint.

The solution’s objective was to provide a secure service in the process of affiliation or affiliation procedures. In this way, each client’s movements and money would be protected.

In the case of fingerprints, biometrics is identified through the biological measurements or physical characteristics of the fingerprints. The classification of fingerprints is an excellent system for digital authentication because their physical properties are relatively constant and distinguishable.

The digital authentication solution implemented by UNICUS allows:

  • User enrollment.
  • Authentication.
  • Integration with the fund’s platforms (CFRM, OnBase, and WS-Sign).

Benefits of implementing the digital authentication solution

  • Increased security in the operations carried out by members.
  • Time reduction in the process of enrollment, attention, and delivery of pensions and severance payments.
  • Reduction of fraud by avoiding identity theft.

Other types of biometrics you can implement

The facial validation process through 3D biometrics compares the person’s face with the identity document to ensure that he/she is who he/she says he/she is. In addition, Unicus facial validates a user’s life.

At Tekbees we specialize in securing customers’ digital transactions. We use state-of-the-art technology to respond to the needs of the market, contact us and we will tell you why implementing biometrics will help your end-users transactional process.


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