Driving Business Leadership and Growth

We use technology as a facilitator for human beings


We like to see companies growing through the multiple benefits of technology. We create projects that automate and facilitate business environments.


How did the Tekbees story begin?

Tekbees started operations in 2013 as a service provider experienced in transaction automation for banking. It began with cash management operations, transaction migration and creation of new shares for customers.

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Our pillars




Customer experience

Our corporate values





Customer Orientation



How do we do our job?

At Tekbees we base our philosophy on swarm intelligence by taking its behavior and management into account the interrelated factors.

Our team involves experts in business, development, UX/UI design and marketing. This allows us to develop optimal quality solutions in information technologies, presenting timely, innovative and reliable responses.


Our philosophy is based on technology and service. Our team and the latest technological developments help us make our customers more competitive



Being at the forefront of emerging technologies is our passion, with them we create solutions that companies and people need today



We are a company focused on providing optimal quality solutions in information technology, presenting our clients with timely, innovative and reliable responses to their needs; with a qualified, committed and highly professional team; making use of avant-garde methodologies and state-of-the-art technology.


In 2025 we see ourselves as a leading company recognized nationally and internationally in consultancy, development and implementation of information technology solutions, oriented to the provision of services and design of products adjusted to real needs, with which we will guarantee our customers to be competitive. As a result of the interaction with our clients and society in general, our purpose is to be identified as a company that offers innovative information technology solutions; through permanent research processes and using cutting-edge methodologies and state-of-the-art technologies.

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