Know what US Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) is about


The full effect of AMLA on financial institutions and private companies can be evaluated only after AMLA has been fully implemented, but AMLA will likely have a broad impact on the way that the government investigates and prosecutes financial crimes.

Look out! Deepfakes are now used to request remote jobs


Deepfakes is learning with artificial intelligence that is used with the intention of creating fake content. In most cases, this is based on video manipulations in which the software analyzes the source material and extracts part of it, then inserts it and adapts it into another video.

Myths about biometric identity validations

identity validations

Do you know why there are so many myths around biometrics? To tell the truth, many companies do not know 100% the benefits of implementing this new technology, here we tell you.

Identity validations, why implement these processes?

identity validations

Digital identity validations to date contribute significantly to avoid impersonation or online fraud. There are multiple advantages of adapting processes with biometrics and thus improving the user experience.

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