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Copa del mundo

Sporting events, besides being entertainment for millions of people around the world, are related to technological advances and innovations.

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Myths about biometric identity validations

Digital security, preventing online fraud or phishing has become a necessity today. This is why for greater security processes can be validated through biometrics and thus establish the identification of…

Tekbees Inc named by Clutch as a leading 2022 B2B company in Colombia

Tekbees Inc is a highly technologically advanced company that delivers tailored development solutions to businesses. Since 2013, we’ve been delivering experience-focused software services to our partners. Our mission is and…

Deepfakes can effectively fool identity validation applications

A recent study by the United States and China revealed that several facial identification and authentication systems are vulnerable to deepfakes. As biometric processes improve, new forms of development emerge…

Why work with Tekbees? Passport Technology shared its experience

We spoke with Passport Technology COO, John Steely, about projects where Tekbees has impacted the way they serve their users. Passport Technology had some important challenges to implement efficient solutions…

Identity validations, why implement these processes?

The figures released in the pandemic indicate that digital theft and impersonation increased by approximately 206%. This is why identity validations through biometrics is a suitable option to deal with…