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At Tekbees we have experience in implementing software with the ability to process ATM transactions. NEXGEN, a North American company dedicated to creating automated payment solutions for the gaming industry, needed to improve its transactional processes.

Solution for processing ATM transactions

The objective of this new solution was to allow transactional movements to be made with debit credit cards, slot machine tickets, and bill breaks. In this way, we sought to eliminate bill validators and facilitate the customer experience.

The developed solution made it possible for ATMs to perform transactions such as:

  • Acceptance and redemption of multiple slot tickets in a single transaction.
  • Front loading of cash without accessing the vault.
  • Recycling of bills, which allows the consigned money to be available for new withdrawals.
  • Casino proprietary systems integration.
  • The ability for customers to load funds into any gaming system with or without cash.

Benefits of automated transactions

  • Connection with any casino.
  • Centralized monitoring and operation.
  • Reduction in the use of cash in casinos.
  • Online support.

Cash advance solution for gaming tables

NEXGEN required customers to be able to make cash advance transactions at the gaming tables. Through a wireless device, it was possible to operate from an intelligent terminal developed by Poynt.

The transactional development included the following functionalities:

  • ATM – NCR solution, with the capacity for cash recycling, ticket redemption, bill exchange, cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, transfers, and cash advances in casinos. This is integrated with the payment processors and ticket platforms of each entity.
  • Cloud web solution for the administration, control, transaction registration, and user and customer control for ATM and POS devices.
  • Mobile App for POS (Poynt) incorporating cash advance functionality. Identity validation is performed using a driver’s license or passport, connecting it to US transaction processors. This solution was enabled for chip card transactions at casino gaming tables.

For the creation of these solutions, we used technologies such as .net, NCR Aptra Advance, C++, and MySQL. We have an ideal team for the implementation of transactional technologies, tailored to facilitate the needs of end users.


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