Why Tekbees is driving software origination to the next Level


We are really happy and feel proud to be part of the book “Colombia Origen de Software”. This book has been produced by the Colombian Software Federation to recognize and acknowledge companies and entrepreneurs who have contributed in the development of technology in our country.

Black Mirror: a look into the future?

Black Mirror

The use of technology must be responsible, because the normal course of the human being depends on it. The Black Mirror series shows that reality that is latent today.

Andres Lopez, CEO of Tekbees, will be jury at WorldFestival


Thanks to the experience and knowledge of Andrés López, CEO of Tekbees, he will be a jury at WorldFestival. This is a virtual conference that supports technological innovation worldwide. For this reason, the most important emerging innovations of 2022 are rewarded among more than 30,000 participants and 130 countries. During the virtual meeting, participants will […]

Know what US Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) is about


The full effect of AMLA on financial institutions and private companies can be evaluated only after AMLA has been fully implemented, but AMLA will likely have a broad impact on the way that the government investigates and prosecutes financial crimes.

Look out! Deepfakes are now used to request remote jobs


Deepfakes is learning with artificial intelligence that is used with the intention of creating fake content. In most cases, this is based on video manipulations in which the software analyzes the source material and extracts part of it, then inserts it and adapts it into another video.

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