Boosting technology performance: a success story of Tekbees

technology performance

Companies today require stable and high-performance technology to provide an optimal user experience. In order to address this crucial need, Tekbees successfully tackled the challenge for Casa Editorial El Tiempo (CEET), the leading newspaper in Colombia with a wide range of e-commerce portals. How did Tekbees tackle the challenge? As CEET initiated the migration of […]

Digital solutions to enhance creativity

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been relevant in recent years, but in its origin in 1960 it was only capable of performing simple tasks, today it allows the development of digital solutions for everyday life. It has become embedded in how we work, study, learn, create, and interact. Various programs, applications, platforms, and tools have implemented […]

Gaming industry has an innovative solution created by tekbees

gaming industry

Tekbees successfully implemented a solution for ASAI (Automated Systems America) that significantly improved their business efficiency indicators, resulting in lower costs, better cash management, and faster process completion. What did the solution entail? Prior to the implementation, casino cashiers manually counted the value of customers’ chips or slips and then returned the cash equivalent to […]

Did the pope change his style or is this fake news generated by AI?

Fake news

Technology has transformed social environments in recent years. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a topic of conversation for the world, as it has crossed the boundaries of what we consider good and bad, especially with fake news. What happened to the fake images of the pope? In early April, the networks exploded in headlines when […]

Music festivals revolutionized by technology

Festivales de música

Music festivals offer live music in an exciting environment, but cumbersome payment methods, slow lines and lack of experiences can cause attendees to be dissatisfied. In this article, we’ll explain how festivals around the world have implemented innovative technologies, making the experience unforgettable year after year. Quick and easy payments! Cashless systems are becoming the […]

Quality in digital security for the prevention of cyber-attacks

To improve the quality of digital security in your company and prevent cyber-attack threats, you can implement innovative technologies applicable in any business sector, which will also help you reduce security costs and optimize productivity. Security is essential to protect the reputation and success of a company, so avoid the risk of losing everything due […]

Development teams for efficient digital transformation

Digital transformation drives companies to implement technological solutions for their business processes. A skilled and experienced software development team ensures security, efficiency, and cost reduction, driving business development. Transform your business with Tekbees solutions We offer technological solutions at the forefront of digital transformation, to drive business leadership and growth. We focus our services on […]

Digital authentication with fingerprint, secured transactions


Authenticating customers has become a latent need for companies worldwide. Through this process, a user can access services, with the security of being who he/she claims to be. For this reason, Tekbees integrated and customized Porvenir’s user identification and authentication platform. Porvenir S.A. is the number one pension and unemployment fund administrator in Colombia. It […]

Automated payments simplify casino transactions


At Tekbees we have experience in implementing software with the ability to process ATM transactions. NEXGEN, a North American company dedicated to creating automated payment solutions for the gaming industry, needed to improve its transactional processes. Solution for processing ATM transactions The objective of this new solution was to allow transactional movements to be made […]

Digital identity: What will be the impact for companies?

digital identity

The world faces new and varied challenges year after year. In recent times, digital identity has been one of the most important objectives for companies, as this has given rise to major problems. Among them are fraud and identity theft, two situations that cause economic losses. This has forced the industry to improve all solutions […]

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